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Washwell Biodiesel

Washwell Biodiesel

Washwell Biodiesel is the cleanest fuel introduced in Indian Market. WASHWELL BIODIESEL is a Superior quality Bio-fuel engineered to maximize diesel engine performance. WASHWELL BIODIESEL conforms to Petroleum diesel specification for use with existing infrastructure, distribution systems and engines WASHWELL BIODIESEL outperforms other market available diesel(s) in performance, emissions, mileage, price, and value.


WASHWELL BIODIESEL delivers high engine performance and is a longer-lasting fuel. WASHWELL BIODIESEL burns cleaner and more efficiently, as it has a very high cetane number (which is a quality indicator of diesel fuel). This results in more pickup (power) and torque for your engine and reduction in engine noise. Unlike other diesel available in the market today, WASHWELL BIODIESEL has excellent lubricity in all driving conditions Washwell Biodiesel can be used in extremely cold temperatures.


Washwell Biodiesel has been designed to conform and surpass stringent automotive fuel quality standards. Hence, Washwell Biodiesel is fully compatible with existing fuel infrastructure, distribution systems and engines.It is compatible with both old and new diesel engine.


With a cetane number 50% higher than petroleum diesel, Washwell Biodiesel gives you smoother combustion and helps lower emissions. Thus, Washwell Biodiesel offers better fuel efficiency and a better ride.


WASHWELL BIODIESEL is an ultra-low carbon fuel. The fuel can achieve up to 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to petroleum diesel. In addition, WASHWELL BIODIESEL Reduces NOx emissions up to 25%, PM up to 90% & CO2 up to 80%compared to petroleum diesel BS III, BS IV Is sulfur-free, aromatics-free and virtually odorless .


WASHWELL BIODIESEL will be priced lower at all times than petroleum diesel in the near vicinity WASHWELL BIODIESEL will help achieve up to 18% reduction on transport fuel cost through a combination.

" Be wise – Be a fuel saver...Get the most out of every drop... "